Grow Your Business with Osool’s ERP Solutions

Searching for high quality ERP software to manage your day-to-day business operations? Look no further! Osool brings you fast, effective and highly reliable ERP system for all your business needs and requirements. Suitable for all types of organizations—from hospitals to management—the software can easily integrate with various functions, such as HR, finance, and much more! We offer customized ERP solutions that cater to each client’s specific needs and objectives. Our innovative ERP systems can maximize the productivity and output of your business. Achieve better management and boost the value of your business with our ERP system.

Simple, swift, seamless integration into workflow

Regardless of the size of your business, we have an appropriate ERP for your business. We offer the most advanced ERP systems designed to meet your workflow requirements. Our certified, trained ERP implementation professionals can integrate ERP with:

Human Resource Management (HRMS):

Designed to facilitate human resource operations, our ERP software can help reduce costs and time associated with HR management. The ERP software covers a wide range of HR functions, including but not limited to, employee management; employee training; recruitment; payroll details; leaves and attendance; employee performance assessment and organizational planning and management.

Logistic Management (LM):

Transport and logistics businesses count on our cloud-based, user-friendly ERP system to minimize operational costs and maximize efficiency and customer loyalty. It offers real-time management of several shipping operations, including fleet management, human resource management and asset management.

Strategic and Operational Planning (SAOP):

With our ERP system, companies of all sizes can improve their strategic and operational planning. It can improve the integration of your business strategies and goals across multiple departments, including marketing and sales, operations, finance, research and development and more. Use the SAOP software today to ensure you meet your organizational strategy objectives.

Procurement Management (PM):

ERP procurement management software allows manufacturers to keep track of purchase orders, supplier database and supplier-manufacturer communication.

Manufacturing Management (MM):

We offer manufacturing companies ERP software to manage all aspects of business. Our fully-integrated ERP solution can streamline planning, manufacturing, inventory management, warehouse management, and financial management.

Quality Management (QM):

Quality can make or break any company. From manufacturing to distribution, it is imperative that businesses maintain impeccable quality standards to achieve customer satisfaction. Make sure you deliver top notch quality to customers, all the time, with our ERP software. Use it to track procurement process, storage and inventory inspection and management, production, sales and dispatch, and more.

Materials Management:

We provide fully functional material management ERP to help clients plan and manage the purchase, sale and tracking of materials efficiently.

Sales and Distribution Management (SDM):

From purchase order placement to scheduling and shipping, you can depend on our secure, robust ERP software to ensure accurate sales and distribution management.

Maintenance Management (MM):

Invest in our maintenance management ERP to inspect and maintain your plant and equipment.

Hospital Management System (HMS):

If you are the owner of a hospital, our ERP system can minimize administrative and management issues and save time and deliver optimal patient care. Our ERP software takes care of hospital operations, reporting, billing, inventory and more via a centralized location.

Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

Are you a pharmacist? Our ERP software offers rich features to simplify your daily routines and improve your bottom line. From handling prescriptions to reaching out to customers, manage all your pharmacy functions from a centralized location.


Automate your financial operations with our ERP software. It covers various functions, including accounting, preparation of financial reports and more.

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