5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Company’s Critical Data

الثلاثاء, ديسمبر 28th, 2021

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Technological advancements have changed how businesses work. To a great extent, computer technology has made management simpler and convenient.

While using technology can save time and money, it still comes with its risks, in the form of potential gaps in IT security.

In the event of theft or any other disaster, how can you protect your company’s valuable data? Every organization, regardless of size, must have a well-designed data recovery plan for keeping important files, images and applications safe.

Here are some factors to consider when developing a data recovery plan for your organization:

Assess Data

First off, conduct a complete assessment of your company’s most important data. Each organization has its own data to protect, which includes but is not limited to, employee information, company’s financial information, marketing plans, customer data, etc. Know where all your confidential information is stored (cloud, hardware, mobile, etc.) and who is using it. This first step will help you decide what needs to go and what you can still use.

Update Storage Media

After assessing your data and storage devices, you need to determine whether or not to change storage media. You can store your data online or on offline devices.

Different storage methods have their pros and cons in terms of budget and reliability. Whatever your final decision is, make sure that the data storage mediums you choose are easy to use, secure and reliable, and suit your company’s needs.

Ideally, you should store important data on two different kinds of media. Also, keep backups of the stored data.

Create A Plan

Once you’ve finalized your data protection plan, it is time to test it. Create a written plan so that you can share it with your IT team. The written plan should be detailed and touch upon possible security risks and solutions, as well as updated data storage and backup devices.

Train Employees

Conduct a training session for employees. Share your data protection and recover plan with them. If they have any feedback, take note. They should know how to use the new data storage devices.

Work With a Trusted Data Protection Partner

If you do not have time or any idea on how to protect your company’s data, contact a reliable data recovery and backup service provider.

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